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Education Supply Pool Benefits

There’s an open door waiting for you.

Let’s find it.

There are a number of reasons why candidates sign up to work with our recruitment agency. Whether it be to provide a better work-life balance, or you're looking to get your foot in the door of a certain school - agency work can provide you with the flexibility you are looking for!


Your specialist education recruiter.

We get to know you - we're more than just an agency.

Working with Education Supply Pool means you will get the support and progression of an agency, with a personal touch. We provide a personal touch - encouraging our candidates to come in to the office for regular catch ups - after all, we're all a team. Working out of the newly refurbished Newport Market, means we can provide you with a lovely setting to come by and have a chat - whether it be about work - or something more personal!

We want to see our candidates thrive - and we believe our caring and personable approach to recruitment has helped us to develop longstanding relationships with our candidates - many of whom have stayed in contact, even after securing permanant positions.


We love seeing our candidates thrive.

No matter the position or the type of work you are searching for, each of our Education Supply Pool candidates can benefit from an incredible personal development program. We offer:

  • In-house training

  • Mentorships

  • Resume and interview guidance

  • Workshops

  • Constructive feedback

All candidates can also complete their NQT year on supply with us, allowing you to establish a name for yourself in local schools to achieve long-term success.


Streamlined efficiency.

Education Supply Pool offers a pay-as-you-earn (PAYE) system that is dealt with in-house for on-time salary submission.

Why? You deserve peace of mind while you work. 

As such, we also have a guaranteed payment scheme that covers a minimum of half your day rate when last-minute cancellations are made by your potential placement. We know it’s not your fault; so you shouldn’t have to deal with the consequences.

Intriguing rewards

Check out our list of additional benefits:

Recommend a friend

Earn up to £125 for every candidate referred. We'll pay £25 when we that individual works their first day and £100 when the candidate has worked 20 days (within 3 months of initially registering). T&Cs apply.

Student Teachers

Any student teachers who sign up with us will receive an Amazon Voucher worth £100 after just 1 day worked through ourselves… what a deal! T&C's apply.

Last minute cancellation policy

Supply can be turbulent - that’s why we want to give you some security. If a school has to cancel at the last minute, we will ensure you’re paid a half day, if no appropriate work is found for that day. T&Cs apply.

100% PAYE

No need to worry about umbrella companies - our payroll bypasses this, ensuring you get all the money you’re entitled to. We also don’t hold back holiday pay - we believe this is something you are entitled to have and save as you wish! 

Framework agency

We are proud to be one of the chosen framework agencies, as we adhere to vigorous compliance checks to ensure the safety of our candidates and clients. We value our candidates - so we ensure you are always paid a minimum M1 rate.

Candidate of the term

We think it is vitally important to recognise the hard work of our staff - after all you are the reason for our success. Be in with a chance of winning candidate of the term and a small treat, as a token of our gratitude! 


Dedicated Account Manager 

Your dedicated account manager will be responsible for ensuring you get the work that you want and suits your lifestyle. We take pride in taking the time to get to know our candidates, so we know where and when to place you. Life is constantly changing and we’re here to provide you with work that fits in to yours! 

24/7 on call service

Sometimes a 9-5 service just doesn’t cut it. Working for ESP means we are always on hand - whenever you need us. Don’t hesitate to call.

Training / Continuous CPD

ESP take training opportunities seriously, and always want to see our candidates progress. That’s why we offer several online and in person training courses to help you develop the skills you need to excel in your career. 

Work for Care Supply Pool during holidays

With the cost of living crisis, having the ability to crossover in to the healthcare sector to subsidise the school holidays can help massively. Top up your pay whilst working for a leading healthcare agency in South Wales


A new-generation recruitment agency.

If you’ve got a few years of experience under your belt, it’s likely you’ve had some bad experiences… we understand.

We hold ourselves to strict standards, following a consistent framework that eradicates the confusion of finding engaging work.

  1. We understand the frustration of working with employers that don’t value what you have to offer. 

  2. We understand how scary it can be when you’ve not received a contract for work. 

  3. We understand that you have a personal life that deserves time and attention.

At Supply Pool Recruitment, we care about you first and our numbers second. We don’t just place candidates in “any” job. We put you in the perfect one. 


An unlimited pathway of opportunities.

We have an extensive and exciting range of engaging positions available across each of our core disciplines. 

  • Primary School 

  • Secondary School 

  • Additional Learning 

  • Further Education 

  • Home Tuition 


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